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JDA is the first company in the world to offer comprehensive and compatible solutions in procurement, storage, logistics, category management, information systems... which are being used by 9 out of 10 largest chain stores in the world: Tesco, Carrefour, Wallmart…


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JDA Space Planning

Software for generating planograms, assortments, analyses, tables...


JDA Floor Planning

Software intended for the formation and analysis of macro space profitability for individual stores or departments, for comparisons of layouts of different stores...


JDA Planogram Generator

Software that generates planograms automatically based on specific sales and preset parameters (such as trademark shares, vertical positioning...), particularly appropriate to create and maintain a large number of store specific planograms.


JDA Efficient Item Assortment

Software intended exclusively for the formation and analysis of assortments.


JDA Intactix Knowledge Base

A multi-dimensional central database for saving, processing and analysing planograms, layouts, assortments, stores, items...


JDA Space Automation

Software that helps you automatise routine tasks and thereby increase the employee productivity.

If you don't hire us, your competition might.

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