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Are you aware that more than 70% of buying decisions are made in front of shelves in the store? Are you selling in the business environment where the competition has been on an increase? Are you active in the field of FMCG or other retail fields and wish to find professional and efficient methods to help you increase your store shelf shares, boost sales, and at the same time ensure greater assortment?


If you wish to find the right partner for the field of category management, having the knowledge and experience, and command of the specificity of diverse points of sale (small shops, specialised shops, hypermarkets, gas stations, drugstores...), you have come to the right webpage.


The company operates in Slovenia, co-operating directly or indirectly with major global companies and retailers active in the region (Reckit Benckiser, Mercator, Tuš, Konzum, Big Bang...)

Welcome to our webpage.

CMS svetovanje is the first company in Slovenia to be offering comprehensive solutions in category management, as well as making of store layouts, store furnishing advice and training in category management.
Category management is a process that treats categories as strategic business units, the intention being to fulfil the customer's needs as much as pos...
is a process, within which categories are being treated as strategic business units, so that the client's needs will be answered as much as possible, and in the long term their business results will i...

Firm: CMS svetovanje d.o.o.
Headquarters: Tržaška 207, 1000 Ljubljana
Based on its knowledge and experience, the company CMS provides trainings in several fields.