Founders of the company

Marko Vlah:

Marko Vlah is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana. After graduation he started his career path in the sales department of Poslovni sistem Mercator, where he encountered category management for the first time. The next step in his career was the company Reckitt Benckiser Adriatic d.o.o, the Trade Marketing department, where he participated in the category management process for all the product groups, in which Reckitt Benckiser appears. In year 2005 he establishes CMS consulting ltd.

Boštjan Ponikvar:

Boštjan Ponikvar has graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana. While studying he already started his career path in Poslovni sistem Mercator, where he was part of the team being trained by ASDA retail experts who at the time had re-established the foundations of Mercator's store. He thus learned how to make store layouts, adapt the store range to individual categories, as well as position categories in space and the items on points of sale. He then found a new challenge in the brewery Pivovarna Union d.d., where he was employed as Head of the Category Management Service and Head of Sales Representatives. Within the PLG group he worked for retailers like Mercator, Tuš, Spar, Petrol, OMV and alike, creating databases, sales analyses, realograms and planograms, etc., as well as providing related advice.
In year 2016 he leaves the company due to reduced bussines.

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is a process, within which categories are being treated as strategic business units, so that the client's needs will be answered as much as possible, and in the long term their business results will i...

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