Why choose us
Why choose us of all providers?

You should choose us because...
  • We posses expert knowledge on processes of category management
  • We posses experience with retailers and suppliers from Slovenia and Croatia
  • We posses experience for both food and nonfood product groups
  • We focus on the optimisation of each individual product group
  • We adapt to the needs of each client regarding their product categories
  • We work with the same passion for global, large, regional as well as small companies
  • Owing to our past hard work and focus on the activity and goals of our clients, we have even surpassed the expectations by following our clients to foreign markets where they have been expanding their operations
  • We understand the challenges and worries of our clients, as we understand the consumer and the trends of how consumer behaviour changes in front store shelves

If you don't hire us, your competition might.

is a process, within which categories are being treated as strategic business units, so that the client's needs will be answered as much as possible, and in the long term their business results will i...

CMS svetovanje d.o.o.

Tržaška 207
1000 Ljubljana
gsm: +386 41 362 004
e-mail: info@cms-svetovanje.si