Types of co-operation

We offer our clients, ranging from multinationals to small companies, two types of co-operation:
  • Project co-operation, comprising time-limited activity – project work or counselling;
  • Strategic co-operation, comprising regular monthly-based work and co-operation, which enables for our monitoring of category management to be more long-time oriented and complex. Our services are at client's disposal at all times, and they are provided with our counselling as well as our specific expert knowledge. If, for example, we make an arrangement with the client to manage a particular product group, our co-operation includes an unlimited number of changes, counselling sessions, etc.

If you don't hire us, your competition might.

is a process, within which categories are being treated as strategic business units, so that the client's needs will be answered as much as possible, and in the long term their business results will i...

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