About us
Headquartered in Ljubljana, CMS svetovanje is a company specialising in category management. Having been active for 5 years, we have helped our clients reach their aims, such as increase in sales volume, decrease in OOS (out-of-stock) related sales shortfall, selection of optimum range of products, making of layouts... Based on our past experience and specific expert knowledge we also contribute to maximising your profits while also meeting the needs of your customers maximally in the long term.

Furthermore, we train our clients and suppliers as well as manufacturers in the specific field. It is our greatest pleasure to have warranted the trust of our clients, not only by providing excellent work but also by being flexible and operating-oriented. Rather than thick books full of strategies, we provide our clients with proactivity and action!

It is the vision of our company to provide our clients with excellent category management, thus optimising their range of products, store shelf shares and sales. Thanks to our knowledge, we can keep up with our clients in all markets of South-eastern Europe.

If you don't hire us, your competition might.

is a process, within which categories are being treated as strategic business units, so that the client's needs will be answered as much as possible, and in the long term their business results will i...

CMS svetovanje d.o.o.

Tržaška 207
1000 Ljubljana
gsm: +386 41 362 004
e-mail: info@cms-svetovanje.si